Carats Jewelry & Gifts was just featured in the online website, Centurion Jewelry! You can read a snippet of the article here, and to read the full version click here

It’s all about the customers. While that is a common saying among better jewelers, Carlos Melguizo and Saul Sanchez, co-owners of Carats * Jewels * Living * Gifts, have implemented some fairly rigorous inventory changes to keep Carats customers interested and returning—often.

“So many things were changing,” said Melguizo, recalling the market conditions of 2012-13. “Prices were changing and we had been focusing on the high end. We wanted to continue offering some everyday items as well. We added niche perfumes, high-end crystal, fancy candles and $30 – $40 perfect gift ideas. We do a fancy giftwrap on all these, wrapped to the max, in the same style as our high-end items. People know when they get the box/bag, that they are getting the Carats brand. Whatever they pick will be a unique gift.”

And is that new merchandise segment growing? “Tremendously,” says Melguizo. “We think of it like a lifestyle. Women come in weekly, have champagne, smell our perfumes and candles and then buy earrings to go with them.” The ‘lifestyle’ items they are now offering is less intimidating to Carats customers creating more visits and purchases along with their usual buying. “We have a great clientele, very loyal; they keep us busy,” he laughs.

You can read the full article on the Centurion Jewelry’s website, here.

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