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    Carats Jewelry

    Carats Jewelry in McAllen, TX. Carats Jewelry has all the jewelry you need to make your home and life fabulous. Carats Jewelry  specializes in diamond rings, jewelry, watches, home good, decor, perfumes and much more. Visit Carats Jewelry today in McAllen, TX on the corner of 10th and Nolana next to Jessica’s. Set your gifts apart from the others. Set yourself apart from the others. Come to Carats today! Carats is a full service gift store in McAllen, TX. We are proud to offer the newest trends and collections all over the world. Carats is where you can find the perfect gift for yourself or someone else.

    Our goal is to bring the best collections from all over the world to McAllen Texas and the Rio Grande Valley.  We are proud to offer our customers the newest trends.  From fine time pieces to pink or fancy yellow diamonds.  Carats is where you can find the perfect gift, for yourself or someone else. 

    Carats Jewelry has a dazzling collection of precious metals, spectacular gemstones, and the most unique and innovative designs in home décor and gifts available. These raw materials have been created and shaped to compliment and accentuate life’s special moments.

    But Carats’ quality does not stop there.  It’s glitter continues with the best customer service and care one could ask for. Intimate, personal and style are qualities of the service that is guaranteed when you visit our salon.  And remember, Carats are good for you! 

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    Carats Jewelry and Gifts